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Welcome to SEA, L.C.

Strategic Environmental Analysis, L.C. (SEA) is a management consulting firm that principally serves clients in the hazardous waste, radioactive waste, solid waste, recycling, remediation, and wastewater fields by analyzing the impact of business, regulatory and technology factors on the environmental services marketplace, and by devising strategies to cope with future market conditions. SEA is a dynamic, cost-effective, consulting firm that maintains a national network of professionals in order to bring the best set of complementary skills to bear on the task at hand.   SEA specializes in:  > SEA OVERVIEW

·      The conduct of sector-specific or industry-wide Market Studies,

·      Due Diligence Investigations associated with M & A activities,

·      Litigation support and Expert Witness testimony,

·      BEN Model calculations,

·      Enforcement negotiations and Compliance Strategies,

·      Permitting assistance,

·      Regulatory analysis, Policy Development and Washington Representation, and, 

·      Remediation-related cleanup cost Arbitrations, and application of the Equitable Factors to Liability Allocations.

The President of SEA is Richard C. Fortuna.  Mr. Fortuna is considered one of the foremost experts on RCRA, Superfund (CERCLA),  hazardous waste regulation and policy and hazardous waste management practices.  Mr. Fortuna has served as an Expert in over 20 legal, administrative and regulatory proceedings in Federal, state and local courts over the past 33 years in the following areas:

·       RCRA Expert Witness,

·       Superfund Expert Witness (CERCLA Expert Witness), 

·       Remediation  Expert Witness, 

·       Hazardous Waste Regulation/Regulatory Expert Witness, 

·       Hazardous Waste Management Expert Witness, and/or 

·       Industry Practices Expert Witness 

Mr. Fortuna has provided trial testimony and has been deposed on numerous occasions, and has successfully defended all Daubert challenges.  Recent clients of SEA include:  the US DOJ and State Department; National Environmental Groups; Hazardous Waste Generators, Managers and Recyclers; and, National Environmental Law Firms.  SEA also maintains a vast archive on historical industry waste management practices and state-level regulatory programs.  > RCF RESUME    >OUTLOOK VCARD